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Unknown Destination of Dooars


Jhalong / Bindu

Tour Travel Dooars Jhalong Bindu Jhalong and Bindu is another leisure offbeat destination of Dooars. This two tourist spots situated adjacent to each other. Jhalong is a small hamlet located at the India-Bhutan border on the banks of Jaldhaka River. Small houses in the hills, orange orchards and waterfalls make Jhalong an amazing place to spend a weekend. Bindu is also located near the Bhutan border. The large reservoir is home to hills bird and migratory fouls provide a great for bird watching. The major activity like Hiking, bird watching, short trekking to Todey-Tangta and angling at Jaldhaka River makes worth to visit.

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Tour Travel Dooars samsingSamsing is a small hill mountain village and tourist spot in Dooars, situated at an elevation of 3000 ft in the foothills of Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling districts border. Samsing is a newer addition in the North Bengal tourist map for its Beautiful landscape and unpolluted surroundings. The horizon extended tea gardens, hill slopes, meandering streams, rural village life attracting a large number of tourists from different parts of the country. Samsing is an ideal place for those, who are looking for a break city life to enjoy a leisure vacation in the natural environment.

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Tour Travel Dooars Murti Murti is a river that originates from Neora Valley National park and flows through prime tourism area of Dooars before meeting Jaldhaka River. The river reaches the plains at Samsing, further inside Dooars; it divides the continuous stretch of forest of Gorumara. The forest on the left bank being called Chapramari and the forest on the right bank of Gorumara. Further downstream, it meets river Jaldhaka and enters in Bangladesh near Mathabhanga. Inside Bangladesh the Jaldhaka River meets the mighty Brahmaputra. From its origin till it meets Jaldhaka River, Murti is about 80 Kms in length. The river is famous due to the number of tourist destination on its both banks. Almost the entire stretch of the river is dotted with tourist spot with a number of resorts, forest bungalows and picnic spots sprawling besides it. The most famous watchtowers of Gorumara National Park such as Chukchuki, Medla and Jatraprasad are all located overlooking river Murti.

We arrange you an evening at Murti River side for tea and snacks to enjoy evening sunset with lots of birds noise specially Peacock (our National Bird) to tell you it’s time for return home with thrill of forest is just unforgettable memories.

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Tour Travel Dooars ChilapataThe Chilapata Forest is a dense forest in Dooars and just a few minutes away from Hasimara town. The forest forms an elephant corridor between Jaldapara and the Buxa Tiger Reserve, and is rich in wildlife. The new species continue to be found. The forest used to be home of large Rhino populations. One of the main attractions is the ruined "Nalraja Garh", or fort of the Nal kings, built in the Gupta period in the fifth century C.E., the Golden Age of India. Other activities include Tonga rides through Mathura tea garden, boating on the Bania River and angling on the confluence of the Kalchini, Bania and Buri Basra. A drive through the forests is an interesting experience. Sighting of elephants are almost regular. River Torsha runs through the sanctuary. The forest is mainly covered with tall elephant grasses. The wildlife, in addition to one-horned Rhinos, consists of Royal Bengal Tigers, Wild Elephants, Deer, Sambhar, Barking Deer, Spotted Deer and Hog Deer, wild Pig, Gaur and many home and migrated birds.

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Tour Travel Dooars Chilapata17 Km away from Gorumara via Bamnijhora is another beautiful place of the Dooars-Lataguri. Lata means wood and guri means denotes log. However the log of wood is unavailable now. Instead, today Lataguri is famous for eco-tourism. Lataguri too is the latest addition to the tourist map. The natural beauty of Lataguri with odal, silk cotton, maina, orchid, panisaj is charming found here. The wild animal roams around is just beauty. Lataguri is a small village located in the Jalpaiguri district of state of West Bengal. The village is located outside the Gorumara National Park on National Highway No. 31. Permits for entering Gorumara and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary are given from Lataguri. The village also contains a "Nature Interpretation Center", which gives information about the flora and fauna of the area. A number of luxury hotel/resort one can find in this area. The weekly haat every Thursday at Mangalbari is a must visit learning experience on how people with modest means farmers, small traders and rural consumers meet are an experience to cherish...

Morning or late afternoon forest trails is one of the major activity which can be enjoyed by nature lover herein Lataguri.



Tour Travel Dooars RajabhatkhawaRajabhatkhawa is a small town situated just outside the Buxa Tiger Reserve in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, India. It is Known for its natural beauty, surrounded by forest. Jayanti is a common attraction for tourists coming to Buxa. The riverbed with Bhutan hills on the other side is very picturesque and is about 16 Kms through forest road from Rajabhatkhawa. The Buxa Fort trek can also be undertaken from here. The 4 km walk starts at Santalabari about 15 Kms from Rajabhatkhawa. Sikiajhora picnic spot near Panialguri is about half an hour drive from Rajabhatkhawa. There is a small stream coming out of the forest on which a small dam is built. The idea was to allow boating inside the forest. Although boating is not operational at the moment, the place can be a good spot for birding and soaking in nature. There is a watchtower overlooking the forest.

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