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Unknown Destination of Dooars



Tour Travel Dooars JayantiJayanti is one of the last destinations in Dooars still untouched by mass tourism. Often termed as the “Queen of Dooars,” this heavily forested area is close to the famous Buxa Tiger Reserve known for its tigers, leopards, elephants, deer, peacocks and the historic Buxa Fort. Although the Jayanti River is mostly dry throughout the year, its shores of white pebbles add to the eternal beauty of the place. With the soothing sound of the Jayanti River blending with the sound of birds, your holiday trip to Jayanti is sure to energise your tired soul. The way to Buxa Tiger Reserve offers breathtaking views where herd of elephants or spotted deer or peacocks are a common sight. The ruins of the historic Buxa Fort which is located on top of the Buxa Hill, at a height of 2600 feet. During the time of British India, this fort used to be a prison for freedom fighters. There is also a Pokhri (pond) located on the nearby Pokhri Hill, which is considered holy by the locals. It is some 4 km from Jayanti. This place has great religious importance for the Bhutanese and to reach both Pokhri and Buxa Fort, you need to trek through the forests. One can also visit Mahakal Mandir and Sati pith (It is believe that the left thigh of Sati fall in tHathis place), Hatipotta from Jayanti.

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Tour Travel Dooars Raidak The Raidak River also called Wang Chu in Bhutan is a tributary of the Brahmaputra River, which flows through Bhutan. The Wang Chu, or Raidak, rises in the Himalayas. In its upper reaches it is also known as the Thimphu Chu. The main river is a rapid stream; running over a bed of large boulders, the road leading to Raidak forest in Dooars through densely carpeted tea gardens via Shamukkhola alongside the swiftly flowing strong currents of the river Raidak. Amidst the lush green tea estates, you will come upon the settlements of the Rabha tribe. The forest shelters wild animal like the deer and elephants. A great number of birds such as lalmuniya, bulbul, tiya, shyam, koyal, phinge, etc., are found in abundance in this forest.

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Tour Travel Dooars Rasikbill Rasikbill is a huge lake located in the town of Tufangang of Cooch Behar district of West Bengal. It is a very popular bird watching spot famous for local and migratory birds. Rasikbill boasts about a jumble of wild flora and fauna. Located around a large lake spreading over 175 hectares area, Rasikbill Lake is surrounded by three dark and dense forests – Nagurhaat, Atasmochar and Bochamari. They are separated by Batikata a small canal. It is a heavenly haven of eco-tourism in the wilderness with breathtaking beauty of its picture-postcard scenery. The Baneshwar temple and the Madan Mohan temple in the town of Cooch Behar are recommended for history lovers to visit. The Royal Palace is the focus of attraction with tourists to Rasikbill.

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Tour Travel Dooars ChamurchiChamurchi is new destination, which is very few peoples know about it, it is situated near the border of India & Bhutan. River stream, small market, green lush tea garden and the view of Kanchenjunga makes Chamurchi an off route destination in Dooars. Early morning one can visit of Samtse Bhutan and its Monastery and market. From Chamurchi you can also visit Musical Stone Cave, Diana River and visit to nearest forest Rohiti, Garuchira and Kalapani is one of the attractions of being at Chamurchi.

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Tour Travel Dooars mongpong Mongpong is a small hilly village located in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India. It is located on the bank of river, which breaks into several streams here. Mongpong is located under the forest of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary and is home to several birds like Brahminy duck, Pintail duck, Poachard, Mallard and Bar-headed goose which migrated from Central Asia and Ladakh during winter. It is known for its beautiful landscape of the Teesta River, Mountains and Forests, which attract a lot of tourists. One can hike to nearby jungle, walking Teesta River site or visiting Gorumara National Park is one of the attraction of this place.

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