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Jungle Safari

Gorumara National Park

Tour Travel Gorumara National ParkGorumara National Park is situated on the bank of rivers Murti and Raidak in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. It is a small forest area about 80 sq. Km. But very important and famous to visitors for its natural population of one-horned Rhinoceros. In 1992, it was declared as National Park. Besides Rhinoceros, there various type of mammals, reptiles, birds and insects includes Gaur, Asian elephant, Sloth bear, Chital, Bengal tigers, Indian wild dog, Indian wolf, Pygmy Hog, Giant Squirrels, Hispid hare, Samber deer, Barking deer, Hog deer and wild boar, Scarlet minivet, Sunbird, Asian paradise, Flycatcher, Spangled Drongo, Great Indian hornbill, Woodpeckers, Pheasants, Brahminy duck, Indian python and King Cobra. During winter season the park is attractive for migrated birds.

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Buxa Tiger Reserve

Tour Travel Buxa Tiger ReserveBuxa Tiger Reserve, in the subdivision of Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri district, was set up in the year of 1982-83 at the north eastern corner of West Bengal bordering Bhutan and Assam. It is declared a National Park in January 1992. The name "Buxa Tiger" has been derived from Buxa Fort - a fort at an altitude of 867 meters on the Sinchula Range guarding the most important of the eleven routes into Bhutan, which once was used for detainees during freedom movement of India. With an area of 759sq km this picturesque reserve with its prodigious Terai, Bhabar as well as Hilly landscape, crisscrossed by numerous rivers and their tributaries, presents a breathtaking landscape. Buxa is rich with bio-diversity and has a great collection of rare orchids and medicinal plants. The veritable flora and fauna of these wet forests attracts tourists and nature lovers every year. The Generic diversity of mammals is second highest among all the tiger reserves of India. Astonishing bio-diversity of animals comprise of a reach avifauna of more than 230 identified species, 67 mammals and 36 species of reptiles.

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Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuary

Tour Travel Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuary
Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuary situated at the foothills of Eastern Himalayas in Alipurduar Sub-Division of Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal was constituted in the year of 1943 for the protection of wild life, particularly single horned Rhinos. River Torsha runs through this rive rain forest sanctuary which is mostly covered with tall grasses. The wild life, in addition to the famous single horned rhinos, consists of wild elephants, deer, swamp deer, hog deer, wild pigs, bison and a number of birds, pea-fowl etc. Jaldapara is a paradise for bird watchers. It is one of the very few places in India, where the Bengal Florissant was sighted. Set out with a binocular and see the majestic flight of hornbill, racket-tailed drongo and paradise flycatcher. See the splendours of sun set beyond the vast grassland of Jaldapara from you Bungalow deck. A thrilling elephant safari is organized in the early morning from Hollong to to offer the exquisite beauty of the vast grassland of Jaldapara. The elephant ride is the best possible way to explore the sanctuary with the rare sight of Indian rhinos and Asiatic elephants. The jeep safari inside the sanctuary is another main attraction.

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