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AboutThe Dooars or Duar, Situated in floodplains and foothills of the eastern Himalayas and around Bhutan. Duar means 'door' to North East of India and Bhutan. There are nearly 18 routes through which the people of Bhutan can communicate with the people living in the plains of India. The entire Dooars region is divided by the Sankosh River into the Eastern part and the Western part of Dooars, consisting of an area of 8,800 km˛ (3,400 sq mi). The Western part of Dooars is basically known as the Bengal Dooars and the Eastern part of Dooars known as the Assam Dooars. Dooars is also known with the term Terai in Nepal.

The Dooars region Politically constitute the foothill Plains of Darjeeling District, Jalpaiguri district, the upper part of Coochbihar District in the state of West Bengal and the district of Kokrajhar, Barpeta, Dhubri and Bongaigaon in state of Assam. The altitude of Dooars area varies from 90 to 1,750 m.

AboutThe beauty of Dooars starts from Jungle, unending Tea garden, Rivers - most of the river streams and rivers flow through the plains of Dooars; originate from the mountains of Bhutan. The Teesta , Jaldhaka, Murti, Torsha, Sankosh, Dyna, Karatoya, Raidak, Kaljani and other tributaries makes Dooars more eco friendly zone. The entire region of Dooars is connected with Motor able access through the deep forest and unending green tea gardens.

The journey with Railway service connects with Siliguri and Coochbihar via Alipurduar gives immense pleasure to mind and the eyes, makes one totally refresh.

The entire Dooars valley basically known in Indian Tourism for its National Park, Wildlife Sanctuary and Reserve, among them popularly known is Gorumara National Park, Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary and Buxa Tiger Reserve bound in a fascinating diversity of flora and fauna. The vast texture of massive trees, sheltering verities of Orchid and resounded with echo of birds and wild animals makes a paradise for nature lover.

Journey to Foothills of the Himalayas

JourneyDooars, a journey through the rolling hill slopes lush green tea garden valley separated by mountain streams, high Sal forests, ethnic villages, blue outline of the great Himalayan ranges, endless sky…. Yes you are in wilder Dooars!

Dooars, Situated in foothills of Himalaya, Dooars has great natural beauty. The wild life, tropical forest, bubbling river flowing from mountain, unending green tea gardens and undulating plain makes a lifetime unforgettable journey. Dooars is famous for its rich biodiversity and forest.

Dooars, the most beautiful nature spots to be cherished by any nature lover as an eco zone, for a lifetime. The wilder Dooars are fortunate to get the opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful parts of nature to witness spectacular wildlife viewing in its full glory. A drive through the Dooars plains, the gateway to Bhutan and the whole of North east India, can be the experience of a lifetime.

How to Reach ?

Siliguri is the gateway to the Dooars

Journey Cooch Behar, being the headquarters of the North Bengal State Transport Corporation, is well – connected by long distance bus routes to Siliguri as well as Kolkata, Jalpaiguri, etc.
Journey There is a railway service connecting Cooch Behar with Kolkata via New Jalpaiguri. One can also avail the railway service via Alipurduar.
Journey The nearest airport is Bagdogra, connecting Kolkata, Delhi and Guwahati.

Facts & Figure

Total Area : 114 Sq. Kms.
Latitude : 25° 58' to 27° 45' North
Longitude : 89° 08' to 89° 59' East
Temperature : 2° C Min and 41 ° Max
Best Seasons to Visit : Between October to May, particularly March and April, when grass is growing.

Between September and March, especially during winter season to catch view of the migratory birds.
Clothing :
Summer : Cotton Winter : Woollens.
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